How can one enjoy a green lifestyle/career/business which combines passion with meaning within the limits of one's lifespan?
We embrace green economy for the desire to lead an ideal life; do a more meaningful job; run a sustainable business to earn profits. Better yet, we don't need to be Wall Street wolves.

Our Vision

We focus on issues that adds to the advantages of green industries, including talents, capitals, technologies, and policies and regulations. We bring together the expertise across various fields, hoping to make green industries the mainstream economy within one generation

Our Value

Green Impact Academy acts as a bridge among green industries, helping you link up with green trends, opportunities, social networks and funds.

Green Impact Academy One Minute

We believe the accepted model of capitalism that demands endless growth will need to modify as the environment changes. We purposely practice on expanding our scope of knowledge, and accompany businesses in seeking innovative approaches acquired from numerous attempts, collaborations and repeated adjustments, helping green companies grow and meet challenges in terms of tools and resources.


  • 2014
    • Embarked on its quest with a team comprising a practical idealist, two idealistic realists, and tens of partners who share the same belief and passion
  • 2016
    • Made famous by "Green Rumor Buster" short-film series
    • Co-organized international seminar with GreenTrade|Ministry of Economic Affairs Green Trade Office
    • Co-organized Shinyi Forum|Xinyi Realty
  • 2017
    • Kick-started the “Green Mentors' Fireside Chat” series, of which the “Offshore Wind Power” series brought about waves of discussions in industries and by the media in the three years following
    • Co-organized Shinyi Forum|Xinyi Realty
  • 2018
    • “Green Mentor's Fireside Chat” published the “Recycling is Fake” series which led the issues on the war on plastics and straws
    • Co-published with PTS IN-NEWS|PTS、CNEX
  • 2019
    • Accumulated over five million users
    • Corporate Circular-Economy Awards| CGE
  • 2020
    • Supported the industry to Taipower's AFC procurement bids
    • Achieved over 400 clients made possible by connecting across industries, became the national No.1
  • 2021
    • “Green Mentors' Fireside Chat”column became materials for qualification exams of Taipower power trading professionals
    • Cited by over 5,152 agencies
    • Mobilized over 1,500 people to take the qualification exam
    • 100% of the Qualified Trades in power market are members of Green Impact Academy
  • 2022
    • Co-organized ISO 14064, ISO 14067, PAS 2060 certificate course|BSI
    • Lead members to participate in projects of net-zero transition